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Anyways, my dear shoppers, you guys are never forgotten.. Guess what, there is a secret code hidden in the ShoppingRoll. Check them out to find out about the secret offer. Come and let's go to find the secret offer *wink*

No. 18

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Trumpet Sleeve Top

Color : White
Length : 69cm  Bust : 80-90cm 
Shoulder : 36cm  Sleeves : 65cm
Material : Lace with Silk inner lining
Description : Back Zip

RM 45

No. 17

Dual Tone Dress

RM 25

No. 16

Layered Midi dress


No. 15

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 Gold Button Jacket

Color Available : Gray
Weight : 0.22kg
Length : 55cm
Bust : 76-88cm
Shoulder : 38cm
Sleeves : 54cm
Material : Brushed Cotton + Chiffon


No. 14

Leopard Sleeves Blazer

Color Available: Black
Weight: 0.3kg
  Length: 62cm 
Bust: 84-94cm 
Shoulder: 38cm 
Sleeve: 59cm
Material : Blazer Material With Inner Lining

RM 20

No. 13

Demure White Blazer 

Color Available: Shown As Picture
Weight: 0.53kg
Length: 63cm 
Bust: 94cm 
Shoulder: 37cm 
Sleeve: 59cm
Material: High Quality Blazer Material With Blazer Inner Lining
Description: Padded Shoulder.

RM 25

No. 12

White Trumpet Sleeve Shirt  
Color Available: White
Weight: 0.23kg
Length: 60cm 
Bust: 92cm 
Shoulder: 36cm 
Sleeve: 50cm 
Material: Double Layer Pearl Chiffon 

RM 15

No. 11

Scallop Polka Dress 

Color Available: Shown As Picture
Weight: 0.23kg
Size L: Length: 79cm
Bust: 90cm 
Waist: 66-76cm 

RM 20

No. 10 (SOLD)

Beaded Collar Top 
Color Available: Shown As Picture
Weight: 0.15kg
Length: 56cm
Bust: 80-90cm
Shoulder: 39cm
Sleeve: 45cm
Material: Chiffon

RM 15

No. 9

Aztec Print Dress 

Weight: 0.23kg
Size L: Bust: 86cm 
Shoulder: 37cm
 Length: 76cm Waist: 
72cm Hip: 100cm
Material : Chiffon + Polyester With Inner Lining
Description: Side Zip.
RM 20 

No. 8

Bohemian Happi Dress
Colour available: Shown As picture
Length : 110 cm
Bust : 90 cm
Waist : 72cm
Material: Chiffon with Silk Inner Lining
Description : Side Zip

RM 30

No. 7

Tribal Sweater 

Material: Acrylic
Shoulder: 50CM
Bust: 106CM
Sleeve Length: 50CM
Sleeve Length: 63CM 
RM 25

No. 6

Wooly Jacket


Material: Wool
Shoulder: 40CM
Bust: 102CM
Sleeve Length: 52CM
Shirt Length: 52CM
Lap: 94CM 

RM 40

No. 5

Black and Gold Knitted Top
Material: Silk Wool
Shoulder: 51CM
Sleeve Length: 46CM
Bust: 98CM
Waistline: 92CM
Shirt Length:
Short: 62CM
Length: 70CM 

RM 15

No. 4

Caped Dress

Size S : Length 81cm Bust: 84cm Waist: 66-86cm (Sold)

Size M : Length: 83cm Bust: 88cm Waist: 68-88cm 

Size L : Length: 85cm Bust: 92cm Waist: 70-90cm (Sold)

Material : High Quality Pearl Chiffon With Inner Lining ( For Bottom Part ) 

Description: Detachable Cape.

  RM 25

No. 3 (Sold)

Autumn Dress



Bust: 86CM
Waistline: 74CM
Sleeve Length: 9CM

No. 2 (SOLD)

Katy's Dark Blue Trench Coat

Bust: 90CM
Waistline: 74CM
Hips: 94CM
Shoulder: 38CM
Sleeve Length: 45CM
Muscle: 31CM
Top Length: 90CM

Bust: 94CM
Waistline: 78CM
Hips: 98CM
Shoulder: 39CM
Sleeve Length: 45CM
Muscle: 32CM
Top Length: 90CM


No. 1

  Elegant Grecian Dress  

Material : Chiffon with Silk Inner Lining

Length : 88cm

Bust : 78-90cm